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Almor have UK factories located in Birmingham and Nottingham, have grown through a process of acquiring thermal engineering businesses and is focused on supporting the needs of heat treaters and other process sectors where high temperatures or corrosive environments are encountered, enabling delivery of the “all round capability” for which the group is renowned.

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Wellman also had expanded through acquisition and today incorporates a number of well-known names in furnace building such as Incandescent Ltd, Birlec, British Furnaces, Gibbons, Metalectric, CGE (Consultant Gas Engineers) Wild Barfield and Barlow Whitney.  All contributing to Wellman’s depth of technical expertise and knowledge of furnace manufacture and operation.

Trading as the Almor Group, the two companies combine generations of experience and expertise within the sector.  Both are highly regarded where the combined teams will provide unbeatable furnace sales, design, installation and support services. 

Almor’s enhanced furnace engineering team will underpin Wellman Furnaces ability to deliver new furnace installations along with enhanced after sales support and service.

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