Furnace Spares

Only the Almor Group and Wellman Furnaces have access to original manufacturing drawings, engineering calculations and material specifications for plant supplied by Wellman Furnaces or its associate companies, which include Birlec, British Furnaces, Gibbons, Incandescent, CGE and Metalectric.

These resources, together with an extensive spares stock and our general furnace engineering expertise, ensure that Wellman can service clients' furnaces and ancillary plant throughout their long working lives.

Furnace Parts and Spares

A comprehensive spares stock ensures immediate availability of parts including:

  • Furnace rollers
  • Radiant tubes (inner and outer)
  • Furnace fans
  • Nickel-Chrome components
  • Electric elements, wire, strip, silicon carbide
  • Burner spares for all makes and systems
  • Combustion system ancillaries
  • Fibre insulation
  • Refractory brick insulation, standard and special precast shapes, monolithics


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