Furnace Engineering

Our expertise in heat transfer, refractory, mechanical and structural design and process control has led to the development of new furnace designs for a wide range of applications. 

Building on our heritage and in-depth technical knowhow our aim for the future is to:

  • Continue to supply bespoke new furnaces based on our extensive reference base in Automotive, Aerospace, Steelworks, Non-Ferrous and Heat Treatment industry sectors.
  • Evolve with our customers by way of "partnership solutions" designs of furnaces and related equipment for new and innovative processes.
  • Ensure Wellman Furnaces provide a positive commitment to all its customers to meet all their furnace needs.
  • The company has installations in successful operation in over 100 countries worldwide. All major types of furnaces are manufactured, installed and maintained throughout their long working lives. Furnaces can also be upgraded to the latest standards and to take advantage of new cost-saving technology developed since their manufacture.

Andy Ball Chief Design Eng


Wellman design furnaces and thermoprocessing plants as required by our customer process needs in all aspects, and to meet the world-wide required standards.

Manufacture 2


The furnace and related equipment is assembled by a team of experienced and multi-skilled craftsmen under the supervision of the Assembly Shop Manager

ISO 9001


It is the policy of Wellman as a division of the Almor Group to operate and maintain effective Quality Management Systems.



Once the furnace and related equipment arrives at site it is assembled by a team of experienced and multi-skilled craftsmen under the direction of our Site Supervisor.

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 Heat treatment equipment comprising of a 5 metre high vertical split furnace that was designed and built by Almor. 

Furnace Types Collage

Furnace Types

Standard and bespoke Furnace designs and types are available from our large succesfully applied product portfolio.