Bespoke Design and Supply

Wellman Furnaces have the depth of experience to custom engineer heat treating equipment for the most demanding application.

The Group are able to specialise in suiting the specific needs of the customer by providing equipment that helps our customers improve their processes and production. 


Custom Build 1


Custom build 2


You require or need a specific process to achieve your needs. We can work with you to attain the best results possible. This can be applied across all industries served and often also includes associated handling, quenching and load/unload equipment. The in-house capability of the development team, design and build engineers and our CAD drawing facility give Wellman its capability to make any furnace to any size. Equipment can be built in-house and shipped to your destination be it in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world.

Contact us if you require a new or specialist piece of Furnace/Oven equipment at

After sales is most important, with our parent company division, Almor Aftercare, are also able to offer an on-going service contract to keep your furnace up and running.

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