Ceramic Fibre Installation & Upgrades

The Almor Group are able to offer heat-resistant refractory materials that constitute the linings for high-temperature furnaces, reactors and other processing units.

Due to our in-house design and engineering strengths we offer a complete range of refractory capabilities from construction of a completely new furnace to: 

  • re-bricking138 Refractory Collage
  • re-constructing
  • re-lining
  • replacing in total

We are able to build from scratch a furnace to suit your needs, re-build an existing Furnace, carry out a complete service or sustain an on-going maintenance contract:- 

Should you require field installation we have a team of 'Refractory Engineers' who are able to collaborate with customers in order to develop customised solutions. Our team will work on-site and provide all the necessary engineering, labour, equipment, materials and supervision to meet your specifications.

Other capabilities and processes include:

Ceramic Fibre- Class 2 carcengenics – Higher Temp – H & S policies: Insulating Fire Brick Houses: Monolithics – castables: Body Soluble materials.

Our Tipton site, near Birmingham in the West Midlands has a dedicated unit in order to offer this capability in house. 

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